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The partnership between HSeT and the SSH has been canceled as of January 1st 2018.
The access to the training center have been thence inactivated.

The Swiss Society of Hematology (SSH) was founded in 1947, grouping the active academic graduates of Switzerland and even foreign countries interested in Hematology. Non academic graduates are also accepted as members, as far as they are in a leading position (e.g. hematology technicians).
Represented in the Swiss Medical Federation (FMH), the body defining the necessary postgraduate medical education (PME) in specialties, the SSH conceived the first official program of PME in Hematology as a subspecialty of Internal Medicine with a Curriculum of 2 years after graduation in Internal Medicine.
Since 2001 Hematology, as most of the other subspecialties of Internal Medicine, has become a full specialty managed by the SSH under the control of the FMH, without formal intervention of the Swiss government.
Since 2004 the SSH has then become, by delegation of the state, the managing body for PME and CME in Hematology for Switzerland, under the supervision the Swiss Institute for PME and CME.
In order to harmonize the PME in Hematology between the different training centers the project of an eLearning system, adapted to Swiss needs,was launched in 2009 using the skills of the Health Sciences e-Training Foundation (HSeT). The program also provides a CME tool for the active Hematologists as secondary goal.

The "Hematology Training Center" you have entered is built on a backbone consisting of a
Synopsis of Hematology.


The Synopsis of Hematology does not cover the domain of Transfusion Medicine.
Further modules should be progressively linked to this backbone, covering for example knowledge in different Hemostasis topics, Flow Cytometry, etc.

As such project needs constant supervision, correction(s) and updating, remarks and suggestion for improvement are very welcome. Information about high quality existing e-learning tools would also be warmly appreciated.

Free access to the program is granted to trainees and trainers in Hematology at the different training Centers in Switzerland as for the members of the SSH.
For the other interested participants the access regulation defined by HSeT are enforced.

We wish you a pleasant navigation in our program !



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Last update: Tuesday, July 18, 2023
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