HSeT Foundation

The Health Sciences eTraining Foundation (HSeT), created on November 30, 2006, is a non-profit organization dedicated to web-based teaching and learning.

Partners, Sponsors & Donators

The HSeT Foundation is grateful for the support of its partners and sponsors.

Organizational aims

  • To develop web-based training programs in the health sciences.
  • To create eLearning opportunities that support innovative face-to-face workshops in industrialized and developing world settings.
  • To promote cooperation among national and international organizations committed to building global public health capacity through training.

eLearning Core Team

The eLearning core team draws on many years of experience in the biomedical sciences, teaching, web design, and Internet-based distance learning. It has expertise in creating multimedia content and in tailoring pedagogical approaches for a variety of audiences.


The SSH-SGH  eTraining Portal is developed and run by
Michelle Rossier

HSeT Foundation core Team

Jean-Pierre KRAEHENBUHL, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie DEBARD, PhD, Immunology Online & Oncology Online Coordinator

Alain MEYSTRE, Animation Designer

Bernard ROSSIER, MD, Pharmacology & Toxicology Online Coordinator

Michelle ROSSIER, MD, Laboratory Online & Oncology Online Coordinator


Former HSeT team members
Pascal PY, MSCS & MBA, Chief Operating Officer & OCTAVE Coordinator

Laurent RICHARD, Web & Animation Designer

Yan CORNEILLE, MS, Software Developer

Guilherme MARSON, PhD, Oncology Online coordinator

Marc BREITLER, MS, Software Developer

Alain MEYSTRE, Animation Designer

Last update: Thursday, January 14, 2016
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