The SSH eTraining Center is developed and run by the members listed below in collaboration wuth HSeT:

For the Synopsis of Hematology

Pierre CORNU MD : Hematology onLine and SSH Coordinator

Hematologist and Oncologist, trained in Lausanne, Basel and Seattle.
Former Head of the Oncology and Hematology Center at the regional Hospital (Hôpital Riviera) in Vevey (Switzerland).
Past chairman of the Board for postgraduate and continuous medical education of the Swiss Society of Hematology (SSH).

Pierre-Michel SCHMIDT MD

Hematologist trained in Lausanne and Geneva. Former associated physician of the Hematology Division and of the Laboratory of Hematology of the University Hospital In Lausanne (CHUV).
Lecturer in Hematology at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (1982 - 2008).
Honorary member of the Swiss Society of Hematology.

Anne Angelillo-Scherrer, MD and PhD

Hematologist trained in Geneva, Lausanne, London (Hammersmith Hospital) and Leuwen (post-doctoral research fellowship). PhD thesis in Geneva.
Professor, Head and Director, University clinic of Hematology and Central Hematology Laboratory, University Hospital (Inselspital) 


  • Claire Abbal, PhD, Head molecular biology laboratory, Central Hematology Laboratory CHUV
  • Martine Jotterand, Emeritus Professor, former Head of the cytogenetic laboratory, CHUV
  • Stéphane Quarroz, Technician in Biomedical Analyses, Head of Unit, Central Hematology Laboratory (LCH), CHUV  

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